Monday, September 26, 2011

A variety!

      I make a large variety of items and have always enjoyed when someone brings a new challenge to me. Recently someone wanted me to make a stand lamp in my classic style. Unfortunately I do not have the right tools to make a huge lamp, basically a 4 foot drill bit.     
    So I found another solution. I picked up an old cedar post, scored a 3/8" gap and inlaid led lights that can shine in a variety of colors and a variety of shades. This cool lamp it the first of a new wave of lamps using led's. I can't wait to make more!
As always, my simple yet lovely candle holders continue to be a big hit at Mountain Sage

Monday, September 12, 2011

     I made few items a month ago, never made it around to posting a new comment, but they are in the pages listed above. Most of them were at Mountain Sage (many have already sold).  Obviously business there has been very good and I am very happy with the partnership we have.

  Special Orders and requests will be attended to in October when I have some more free time. Come back and visit my blog as I will post these new items here first. They will be displayed for two weeks before placing them on Etsy or at Mountain Sage.

If you'd like one specifically I will set it aside and make a special transaction.    

Hope you enjoy-

 The Morris Family loves these great Candle Holders!!!

Card holder and envelope holder, fun items to make that still serve a purpose in the office or home!