Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Zealand Trip

Christine and I recently went to New Zealand and had an amazing time. The flora and fauna was amazing and wonderful to be around. The people from New Zealand were just as amazing. It was a trip I will not readily forget!!

Talk about a bunch of lambs. Went tailing with friends, tailed about 1800 sheep before lunch time!!

Tree ferns galore
Cheeky Kia parrots. cool birds but they get into stuff!
carnivorous sticky plants. the coin is the size of a penny.

                                                                   Cabbage Tree

Swimming in glacial out wash, good thing it was warm and sunny. ok not really swimming,but still enough of a dunking to know how cold the water is. oh yeah the second rock out in the lake is really an iceberg!
                                    moeraki boulders,calcite concretions forming perfect spheres!
      Penguins!!!!!!!!!! above: golden eye peguins, below: My new flax design that I created,pretty cool eh?

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