Cribbage Boards

Cribbage is a wonderfully unique game for all ages and I make unique cribbage boards that will last through the ages. Cribbage is a card game that is played in three parts per round. The famous part of the game is the crib or extra hand. Well ok, perhaps the famous part of the game are the cribbage boards! Cribbage boards are used to keep score during play. The biggest reasons for a score board are those friends and family members who like to take two or three extra points!! There are two pegs that leap frog each other during play. This way if there are any discrepancies you know where your opponent was before the score was taken. Back to the card game itself......... The game can be played with two or more players and with one deck of cards. There are numerous ways to play with multiple players and each region, family, house has their variations. Always double check before you start the game! To get get a handle on how to play the game visit the Cribbage Congress, or visit a friend who knows how to play.

     I am not certain what brought you to my page here, but I am glad you came. This page is an online portfolio of the cribbage boards I have made. I honestly do not know how many I have made. Likely around 50 so far. Friends and family have many of my boards, but then again I have sold around 30 of them online as well. The one to the right has actual wood-pecker holes with acorns within the board. This one was a trade to friends of mine near Mt Shasta California.It can likely be seen at the Weed Brewing Company.

     I originally began with the intent of having a couple of wonderful cribbage boards that I could play on with friends and family, or occasional gifts. As more friends and family members kept asking for boards and lamps I decided to start making sales. Today I always keep my eyes keen on potential cribbage boards while wandering the woods. Now that I have a blog and an etsy site, my highest keyword search is cribbage boards. With this knowledge, I am trying to keep those viewers happy and make a variety of boards for viewers to see. I have occasional blog posting that compliment both this page "cribbage" and the process of how I make them. If you are interested in boards that I have ready for sales visit my Etsy Website.

    My process usually begins wandering the mountains enjoying the splendor mother nature has to offer. Finding an amazing piece of wood is just the bonus! Next I try to find a functional use for it while keeping the natural and beautiful form. For the boards, I start by creating a workable surface with a flat base so they do not wobble. Next is the real challenge. I spend a long time trying to come up with a wonderful pattern that compliments the wood, the grain and the overall appearance. This can take an hour to three hours depending on the complexity of the design. To do this I use a scaled ruler, a pencil, eraser and a cup of tea (for drinking since it will take a while). There is always erasing so I make sure that I fill the spaces of the entire board with an artistic style. Using a specific pattern hardly ever works since each piece is so unique. Next is the task of punching each hole as a pilot for drilling. Drilling each hole is a time consuming process. a classic board such as the one on the right has 120 holes. A full board, 2 person 240 and a 3 person board 360. I use a drill press to accomplish this task. each hole is a specific depth and the drill is always in the same place. I have spent number of hours drilling little holes, usually the radio is a must!

      After designing, the pattern and drilling the holes I set to the task of sanding. I wait until the stage because the holes sometime have chips, and I can draw my cribbage pattern directly on the wood which is sanded away. The final sanding surface is usually 400grit. If I am looking for a super fine polished look I will use a standard paper bag to buff or polish the surface. At this stage I decide whether to apply an oil coating or leave the surface natural. If I apply a coating I use Tung Oil. Tung Oil is a natural oils extracted from the seeds of the tung tree found in China.  After each coat I rub or bush in the oils and buff the surface to prevent a glossy finish. This look gives the wood a nice warm component that looks great in any home!

redwood cribbage board table
Mandy & Broc May 26th, 2012

Cribbage Board Table Top!

         This is a super cool board made for a customer that will be getting married this weekend. The board is a natural edge redwood root burl that has been slabbed and sanded to a nice finish.The board has amazing grain structure and very cool patterns. The game layout is two player, 60 peg sections. There is a start/finish, Mandy and Broc, and a skunk engraved into the board surface. The final touch was/is the hand turned pegs made from oak and African rosewood. A very cool board! I have some other cool piece if folks are interested in a similar board.

 My classic skunk!
little sycamore travel board
Pine root board, not completed yet, but will be by The Yosemite Craft Bazaar!

 Manzanita travel board
 My first sycamore board
 There is no way to describe buckeye grain!
 Or the amazing natural blue colors in buckeye!

 Buckeye root burls are my favorite, so if you are removing a buckeye, 
and you live fairly close by give me a ring!!
 Arched Manzanita, a nice lady contacted me here on the Blog. She requested a cribbage board for her guy. I sent her my latest items and she decided on this lovely piece!
round about board made from buckeye

 Manzanita, I love the colors this stuff makes
manzanita cribbage board

 the last of the big leaf maple. if you know where I can get some more, we can make a deal!

Big Leaf Maple Round with my skunk carving below

My latest in Cribbage boards for 2012!!
 My last series of Big Leaf Maple boards were such a hit I had to make another. I will have to find more pieces since they are so popular. I am almost out of this wood!

 Lodge Pole Pine cribbage board with a hinge!
large board that can also stand vertical as a piece of artwork!

 My first board is the board below with inlaid turquoise. Sorry, Not for Sale 

Cool Industrial/Natural Manzanita Board with brass and steel pegs: Sold
3 Player Redwood Board: Sold
Redwood Board :Sold
This awesome board is a Redwood Root Burl, you'll have to ask Christine if you want it!!
Manzanita Board as a gift for keeping score in Dominoes!
Trade for a field vest while working in Alaska, est at $200
scrimshaw King Salmon and Caribou

Board made for Guy Eastman of Eastman's Journals, super cool board, might be on TV one day
Three way manzanita is a grand purchase for a lovely lady and her fiancee 
Douglas Fir Board, awesome grain structure from the burl has made amazing golden colors
This board  was a gift to a friend for making me a wonderful camera case !

Custom Order for my Geology, Grooveyland friend Tami,
Birthday gift with a special engraving for her mother!!
Made from Cherry

Travel Boards

The grain on this board is wonderful. For sale at Mountain Sage $125, still for sale!!

This board was sold to a good buddy of mine who works in the back country of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Amazing cribbage board design from a Buckeye Burl. Score board added for those competitive players

4 Travel cribbage boards made for fitting into small places. Durable and beautiful!

Large super colorful 3 player cribbage board with a unique contemporary style
 Big Leaf Maple Cribbage board with natural edges and amazing grain designs.
Winding Oak Cribbage Board


Torrey said...

Scott, these boards are wonderful, I am blown away. You are an amazing artist!

Scott or Scotty said...

Thanks Torrey, Miss you, you guys need to come up! We should have done another thanksgiving together!!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I'm so glad I stumbled on your site. Keep up the amazing work.

Thi Eris said...

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