Wood Lamps

     My intricate Wooden Lamps are a favorite amongst friends and family. In etsy they are becoming more and more popular. The rarity of each piece of natural art are a rarity in themselves.These lamps started with a walk on the beach. No they are some of my most popular items. I have made about 40 lamps of the years and each one is unique in it's own way. The bases are hand drilled and contoured to fit the shape of the wood. As you can imagine at times thing do not line up  perfectly and there have been mistakes. So if you have questions about the prices sometimes, well, not all intended pieces of wood become lamps!
       The Shades are made from Handmade Paper from central Asia, mainly Nepal. For the most part, they are composed of rice paper with mulberry leaves, flowers or fern imprints. I hand pick each piece of paper and cut and shape the paper for the lamp shade. This is a timely process as the glue my adhere to the paper and form the shade.
 What is not to love about manzanita! except that it is so hard it dulls my tools!
 Manzanita base with a series of leaves, appears to be buckeye?
 Douglas Fir Root Ball with a leaf pattern paper!

Manzanita with a collage shade, looks like the earth moved when taking this photo =)

 Sequoia branch from a friends tree. Sequoia makes great gifts as the wood is very brittle and not for structural integrity. Good thing or in the early 1900's they would have all been cut down!!

 Small manzanita lamp with a Yosemite Valley bulb on it. I purchased a new shade for it today. Check back in for future bulbs as I am hoping to gain some feed back at the 2012 Christmas Craft fair in Yosemite
 manzanita, base

My newest favorite lamp! Drilling this lamp was very, very tricky and something very artistic and worthy of a good home. The piece is made of a cedar root base and has numerous intersecting branches. We have not decided on a price, but it will be well worth it as you will never find another lamp even close to it!
 The lamp shade is made from hand made paper and natural leaves and flower!

I love this little pull cord lamp. One of the first lamps I ever made!

A great lamp with a rock in the center!
An old cedar post from the days of range cattle in the Sierras. The old barb wire and moss are great features to make this lamp even more amazing. The led lights are adjustable both in brightness and their colors.
Manzanita is by far one of the most striking woods around.

Redwood Lamp with a natural hole, I love these types of unique features found in nature!

My second lam, and the piece that started my unique woodworking career!

This lovely little redwood lamp has agates in the base and a collage for a shade
My lovely ladies redwood  lamp she uses in her office at the USFS

A small oak base given to a friend as a thank you gift for his support moving last year.
Manzanita root ball, I sold the root ball and the shade and she request a collage shade to match her home colors.

My second item I turned on the lathe was this lamp base! It was originally planned as a vase but the drill bit would not drill into the hard manzanita!