Mirrors and Intriguing Various Items

 I began the project of Yosemitegoat's Artwork and Woodcraft while attending Humboldt State University. I found a bunch of amazing driftwood on the beach one day and thought to myself, I should make a couple of lamps. I went to the local thrift store,purchased a number of lamps for their parts, and began piecing together the new lamps. As for the shades, I would take old lamp shades, strip the original materials and overlay handmade paper purchased at a local shop. Sure enough I was able to make half a dozen lamps which many friends wanted. I made a few trades here and there with folks and was pretty excited. I began making more and more items based upon the style and shape of the wood.

Now I make a number of various pieces that have been a blast to create.

                                                           This was my first lamp!!

Seam Rippers, wonderful gifts for those who are crafty

A cane I made for a buddy after he broke his leg skiing. The handle is hand carved from Cherry! You go Paul, glad you are back skiing!

                                         Gift for Christine's mother Terry
                                              Wine Glasses for Lori Miller's 40th
 My cute little Salt n Pepper Shaker's, They just sold in April. In fact she bought 2 vases and asked me to make a pair of candle holders too! Thanks Anna, you're awesome!!

I have made a number of new items that I brought into Mountain Sage. Many of them disappeared very quickly. Brings a smile to my face!!
 Not all of them have been placed at Mountain Sage, but a good variety have.

 Something for my sister!

Check out this wonderful guy, he really likes making fun enjoyable items!!

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