WWF Art Card Show

World Wildlife Federation Representation
This series of photos are for a Card Show that Empire-Squared put's on at the Humboldt Carpet Showroom. I was asked to enter as a guest member. Many of the artist compose drawings or paintings atop the cards. I decided to step up the art medium by making intricate cut-outs. Each cut out took 1-3 hours and represents one of the 14 ecosystems recognized by the World Wildlife Federation and the World Wildlife Fund. While viewing each card you will notice that I have chosen a species that represents the essence of that particular ecosystem. My goals were to provide an ecological based theme, support the nature enthusiast's vision of ecology, and provide a new artistic medium within the local art community of Humboldt County. I also believe protecting our natural world should be a goal by the entire planet. Enjoying the world we live in and continuing to do so for following generations will be man's greatest accomplishment.To learn more about these wonderful ecosystem visit WWF via Wiki.

caribou, tundra
Lynx, Boreal Forest/ Taiga
Coastal Redwood, Temperate Coniferous Forest
London Planetree Maple, Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forest
American Bison, Temperate Grassland, Savanna and Shrublands
Wintering Monarch, Tropical and Subtropical Coniferous Forests
Ohia and I'wi, Tropical and Subtropical Dry Broadleaf Forest
Sumatran Orangutan, Tropical and Subtropical humid Broadleaf Forest

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