Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer time is for flowers!

        Summer time is for flowers! For us at Yosemite Goat's Woodworking we love flowers too! As a result, one of our favorite items to make (and sell) are vases. When we first started out with a simple lathe, we made many, many simple dry flower vases. They were all fun to make and we were learning out to use the lathe. While at Humboldt State University, I purchased some large test tubes for a piece of driftwood I found. The result was a cool vase. Today we continue to dabbled with larger vases with glass tubes. For some reason our early designs were not up to par and they were not a hit. Plus they are hard to make while drilling a long straight hole. So we went back to making cool vases similar to the few I made at college.

      Today we continue to make free standing vases from local woods, primarily manzanita. The intricate colors and designs in the manzanita wood compliments both glass and flowers! After three years of making vases, these are truly the best we make. We are always making more, so check in or ask if you are interested in one!

This great manzanitia vase is featured on Etsy.