I love making vases. Either turning items on the lathe [which we just ordered a new one : ) ] or searching endlessly for the perfect piece. It is the challenge of creating something amazing from a piece of nature that will be even more amazing with the simple touch of a lady and their love of flowers!!!

Classic manzanita vase with a removable glass tube for the flowers!

I have been making many vases with glass tubes for this summer and all the beautiful flowers that will be around. Please feel free to send me a line if you are interested in one. I will be continually making more as the summer moves on and the flowers keep blooming. 
PS- I have some cosmos seeds that come with each purchase!!

 Sequoia Redwood, notice the amazing coloring
The red cream lines are great, We are lucky this wood is so brittle.
It would have been logged to practically oblivion otherwise!

 Great coloring in the Giant Sequioa. These are all limbs from locally planted trees, nothing logged.

For the next 9 vases, each holds a glass tube for holding numerous flowers and water. A perfect mothers day or summer gift.

This awesome vase represents my classic style with a clear vase to hold the water!
 Manzanita- sold

 This little guy is for sold on Etsy -$25 to a wonderful home
 This one is really cool!! Redwood burl
Christine's vase, she loves it!
Cool manzanita vase for dried flowers!! $25 on Etsy, sold!
 Just posted $30, sold

 Super cool well balanced piece, that now lives with "a mouse house"

Sweet redwood stand with a glass vase, I am trading this one for some jewelry

Oak vases from the tree I grew up swinging on great gifts folks have purchased from Mountain Sage

My latest. Although my father has one that is super awesome. Coming soon.........
The two here are buckeye burls!!

 I also have four items that are absolutely amazing. I am waiting on new test tubes at the moment. But as soon as they arrive I will post them here for a short time.