Papa Jim's unique page of Bowls

      Jim Cereghino is my father and is a source of entertainment. He makes Christine and I laugh each time we are around. His general enthusiasm for the outdoors shows through to his work. We work together to make almost every item sold as Yosemite Goat's Woodworking. Jim loves to make bowls. He is the inspiration in bowl turning and the lathe. As a result, many of the products and styles we have are based on his ideas. He also has the large lathe and a majority of the shop equipment at his place just outside of Groveland.  Jim is also the caretaker of the wood (basically his 11 acres has more storage). We work together in a variety of aspects from gathering wood, shaping, designing and finally finishing and selling the product. Jim also enjoys the true aspect of the art. He pays close attention to each piece he turns so it becomes as he intends.  I guess when you are retired, there are certain things that you can take your time at and still have fun!!

      His technique is always improving and his unique style is very much appreciated at the local shows and farmers markets. If there is a new type of wood that either of us has picked up along the way, Jim is the first person to likely cut into it. Needless to say when there is something new it does not last long! For that he is always happy to try something new.


   Scott, Christine and Jim will banter for hours about how to, or what to, make with a piece of wood. Jim always has a smile and a idea to make something interesting!

 Black Walnut

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