Products and Policies


All items are made from natural wood. Each item is made organically, in many different terms. Wikipedia defines organic as: a start to finish process; only natural means to create a product; growth within a business without outside help; derived from a natural state. All my items are found in nature, and designed to create functionality. My good friend and artist Forest Stearns, labels my art as Functional Organic Art. And this is my goal, create cool natural style pieces of art that have a useful function to them, yet maintain the elements of an organic composition, feel and use.

Before moving on, let's be honest about labeling organic. I am not certified organic! To be certified organic is a large process that requires large amounts of time and money. I can not, should not, specifically advertise as organic. Certified Organic is the legal way to approach this issue. As a consumer you should know whether you can trust the person selling you a product whether they use organic methods or not. Perhaps visit their farm, make new friends and a life long bond that shows you care about the products you use. Those bonds will last longer and have a greater impact to our society than shopping at the general super market.

If you are looking for the materials deemed organic by the USDA, visit this sight 

Back to the cool stuff we at Yosemite Goat's Woodworking-
Almost every product we make came from the natural environment. We collect it with our own two hands out of the surrounding woods. The sweat from our backs is incorporated into the quality of our work. We shape the item and allow the wood to cure at it's own rate. We spend the time to put the final sanding in. Finally finishing the product for use and a last check of so your item is now ready for use.  This is the organic process. We know every step of the way and the process it takes to get to the finish. And we know the process fulfills the definition of organic by the populous and the USDA. I am happy to say that our products meet that idea and will continue to do so.

Like any other way to save a dollar, we could easily purchase many woods and not know where they came from. We could speed the curing process with chemicals. We could use a 100% petroleum finish that looks really nice. We could tell you it is organic. We could say a number of things. Bottom line, if you have questions, ask. Then only item I used that has any concern is Tung Oil, here are some links about Tung Oil:   FDA and the USDA Organics. I would be happy to answer any questions about our products. If you like, I would be happy to show you my shop and where I make a number of my items.

My products and materials are:
Black Oak
Red Alder
California Buckeye
Incense Cedar
Canyon Live Oak
Valley Oak
Engelmann Oak
Coastal Redwood
Giant Sequoia
Big Leaf Maple
Douglas Fir
Sugar Pine
Bull Pine
Ponderosa Pine
Exotics come from trusted friends who are cabinet makers

Olive Oil
Mineral Oil
Tung Oil:      FDA and the USDA Organics
Elmers Wood Glue
Gorilla Glue

Lamp Parts
Handmade paper from Nepal

Sea Urchin Spines
Cork, All Natural from the tree, at times from a wine cork
Pyrex Glass Tubes


1) My policy is make a great product that will make you happy.

2) I will obviously fix any product that is by my error. I know things happen. Things break, things are destroyed, things are around children!!! Let me know the issue and we will work to solve the problem.

3) If I deem that the product was abused and needs to be fixed based upon that abuse, well....... I will likely charge you a nominal fee.

4) CRIBBAGE BOARD PEGS- My cribbage board pegs are made from the natural world. They are super cool, the right size the right length, and very unique. They can break. I have broken them too! Let me know if you need more and I will likely charge you a whole stamp for the service. If you want a whole bunch of them..... we can work something out too.  A small drill bit is great for removing the broken peg!

5) Cork stopper for pegs- need another one, send me a line with the general size! likely the cost of a stamp.

6) Lamps, if the issue has to do with wiring, I will fix it, not a problem, I may even replace parts if needed. I feel we as a populous should save the planet. One way I do so is by purchasing old lamps and reusing the functioning parts.

7) Bowl finishes- most bowls will likely be used as the part of my style Functional Organic Art. A light wash with soapy water is fine for all wooden bowls. On occasion put some mineral oil or perhaps olive oil to retreat the bowl. If you would like a Tung Oil refinish we can come up with something. just let me know and I will give you a quote, less than $10 unless it is the largest bowl in the world!

7) Refinishing a cutting board. A good sanding and a reapplication of mineral oil will solve most problems If you would like more, or making a design to capture juices, such as the image to the right. We will create a project proposal for those items and come up with a bid.

8) Wanting to make your own bowl, vase, lamp or cribbage board! I really have fun in the hobby business. The happiness on the face of those who have visited me is pretty spectacular. Drop me a line so we can plan a day and have some materials for you!! Oh yeah, the cost is super low because I don't have to do the work!!