Wood Bowls

california buckeye, an awesome bowl!! sold
    Yosemite Goat's Bowls are becoming a favorite selection. We are producing more and more each and every week since the bowl curing process is coming full circle. Many of the bowls below will be shown at the Irish Days Craft Fair.

       In the last few months we have added a number of bowls to the listings. We continue to make a fair number of bowls each week and those will be available periodically. During the craft fair our goals are to see what is admired and how we can fulfill the wishes of admirers. Then again, it is art work, and we make what the piece of wood gives us as well as what we enjoy making.........I hope you enjoy!!

black oak

alder, sold

Big Leaf Maple Burl with Spalting!! sold

black oak burl, sold

really cool big leaf maple

Huge black oak bowl my father Jim made, , sold

 The bowls we are making are becoming very, very artistic. The Oak Bowls here are nice big solid bowls that are perfect for fruit or even a large salad bowl. The hardest part is being patient enough until they are done moving. Then again that is part of the beauty, if you look really close at the black oak burl you can see the rim is wavy!
little (6"dia) poplar bowl, , sold

black walnut log

another splalted big leaf maple burl,
very thin black oak bowl, front view, 10" wide

Same Black Oak bowl from the side. Walls thickness is less than 1/4"
Buckeye Bowl, 8"

Beautiful Poplar bowl, great for fruit , sold

Buckeye bowl with stunning coloration's

Poplar bowl, great for candies,, sold

poplar chalice, very detailed, approx 3" tall, sold at Murphys Irish Days

Cute 6" poplar bowl filled with color, sold to a friend

thin walled oak bowl and tray, thinness study for the very artistic bowls above. 3/16' thick walls and 3"tall

small buckeye bowl, 3" wide, sold
chemise root burl bowl, an extremely rich, colorful dish

Black Oak Bowl with natural bark edge, appx 9" tall

another poplar bowl rich with colors and grains. 6" wides

 One of my first burl bowls. I turned this Black Oak bowl from a freshly fallen oak. The Burl I used was a magnificent little burl that I turned to a rough shape, appx 8"x8." I let the bowl sit for 6 months before recently finishing to the wonderful bowl you see today!
another great buckeye bowl, 6"x6"

very large oak bowl, appx 14", sold
another view of the large fruit bowl.

the latest poplar bowl, as of March 15th. still a little green and warping will likely occur, sold

Big Leaf Maple Burl Bowl with lots of intricate designs, sold
The colors are great, the wood has some small holes

Oh yeah!!....... my first Salad Bowl set, still available $150

Christine's amazing Incense Cedar bowl. she loves it to much to part with, sorry, 7"w x 5"t

 "A few of my favorite bowls on display. Each one is handmade on their lathe by Scott and Jim. All have a great feel, touch and shows their amazing craftsmanship", Christine Meyers
cool stuff!

cool black walnut

Alder with natural edge, I can not take credit for this one,, sold

 Many of these bowls are made by my father Jim. Perhaps I should start his own page ; )

Although I would like to say I took some of the credit because he seems to use all the wood that I bring to the shop. His turning is becoming amazing. My suggestion is you should grab a bowl of his before his prices start to go up. I think they will sell very very quickly once they are available. If you are interested in one, feel free to contact me and we will put an order together or you might even be able to pick one of these lovely bowls here.

The alder bowl to the left was bought instantly over the weekend at Murphys Irish Days where the snow flakes were HUGE!!
This bowl is still available, 9" wide, 8" tall
Jim is getting good, sold

black oak with fruit, this bowl is big and deep!

Below represents the beginning of Yosemite Goat's Wooden Bowls. At the time we had approximately 6 completed bowls. The tricky part is the 4-6 month waiting period to allow the bowls to cure naturally and without cracking!! The goal is to make excellent pieces of art that are amazing, beautiful and somewhat rare.

The bowls shown below are a few we have made in the shop so far. We have approximately 15 curing in the shed. Stay tuned for more!!

 Last of my cruly grained redwood, I love working with amazing woods

 Lodge Pole Pine bowl. Super cool piece of art

 A series of three redwood curly grain. these bowls are absolutely awesome!! I will likely sell them as a set somewhere.
 above and below, my father's creation.
Captain's Bowl, made for the high sea's....... Pirate's say Arrrrrr when the spill their soup!

 buckeye bowls, sold

 Big leaf maple, my first bowl ever, I love it. This one ist sitting on Christine's desk at the USFS station in Sonora, Ca

I love the look and feel of manzanita!

This series of Manzanita Bowls and Chalices were an instant hit. They have all sold or been traded. I look forward to making more of them. The hardest part is finding very large manzanita :)

Redwood Bowl/Dish. The last of a three part series that I have made. Each from the same piece of wood, and I am hoping to sell them as a set. The bowl at the top is part of the set.