Woodworking Questions and Answers

How do I contact you?
              My email is: yosemitegoat@hotmail.com
              My etsy site is:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/yosemitegoat?ref=pr_shop_more
              I have a cell number perhaps visit my contacts page- limit those telemarketers
Do you make all the items?                  
                I make almost all of the items on Yosemite Goat, My father does make
                some of them, and Christine does some of the writing/advertising.
Are all your products natural and organic?
               Each product is made in a natural process as possible. Each piece is
               completely organic. No pesticides or curing agents. Tung Oil (type of sap)
               has small traces of petroleum to keep the sap viscous. Upon exposure to
               air, evaporation takes place and the sap hardens. I do not advertise as
               organic because the term is owned by the government. 
               Old fashion air drying takes patience
Where does your materials come from?
               95% of my materials come from the Sierra Nevada's. On occasion I receive
               exotics from friends. If I am on vacation I may pick up something special
               such as coastal redwood.
Manzanita is so beautiful, why?
               The harsh summer environment in the California foothills drys out the landscape.
               Bushes need to retain moisture as much as possible. Manzanita has oils that
              do this. The colors form from a combination of oils and density.
I bought an Antique Pepper Mill, How do I adjust it?
               Classic Mills are adjusted on top, as are these. The difference, these
               have two dials, the bottom adjusts coarse to fine. The top keeps
               tension on the bottom so you do not have to adjust as often.             
How can I purchase an item(s)?
               With an simple email I would be happy to come up with a wonderful
               item just for you. Feel free to contact me and we will get you started!
               Currently I often sell through Etsy. I plan to expand into selling in Yosemite
               Valley this summer. Any ideas and comment are always welcome. I will be at
                the Sonora Farmer's Market and a variety of craft fairs during the summer.
What dictates your pricing?
               My first pricing is my time and energy (tools). My tools range from a toyota
               tacoma and a chainsaw to gather wood. Finer details include, lathe, tablesaw,
               drill press and sanding.
               Finally the price and rarity of the wood itself. Some is very rare and sought after.
               Such as buckeye, maple burls, etc. Lastly, how intricately and artful the piece is.
Can I place a custom order?
              Of course...... send me an email with your idea and I will write a project outline
              specifically for you, and the ideas that you have. We will then come to a project
              proposal and a price that can hopefully make each other very happy!
Where do you live?
             Currently I live in Twain Harte, California, although some of the shop equipement
              is in Groveland, CA where I was raised and my father still lives.
I love the lamps, can they be shipped?
               Why yes they can. They are shipped in two boxes (shade and lamp).
               Both are carefully packed, and have a warranty.
How do you make your cribbage boards?
              I start with a piece of wood. Plane and sand them flat. Create a pattern on the
              board. I drill the holes using a drill press, occasionally with a hand drill. There
              are usually 120-240 holes. I then finish sand to 400 grit for a smooth surface.
              .see here for more details