Monday, October 17, 2011

Things Are 'Turning' Out Fine

         As of Friday, my woodworking life has 'turned' out great!! A new lathe has made all the difference. This new lathe has been spoken about, discussed and pondered about for almost two years. Now that Yosemite Goat's Woodworking has become such a great success, a chance to invest in new and improved machinery is the reality. The Lathe specifics: turning speed from 100rpms to 4000rpms; dial for changing rpms!!!; 17" radius and 42" in length; 12" bar rest; 375lbs (does not wobble!!); and one happy woodworker.  The Lathe arrived Thursday and we assembled it Saturday morning. A little testing to make sure all moving parts were functioning properly and we were ready for a real turn. OK.... I reread all the instructions, double checked all the parts, made sure the lathe was level, sharpened each and every tool even though they didn't need it, adjusted the speed dial again, etc, etc. Yeah, pretty excited and didn't want to break anything. So I started in on a piece of oak I had been saving. I have turned a number of items and thought it was pretty slick, now turning is grand. Everything works so smoothly. Nothing is half broken. Nothing wobbles. And changing speed is as simple as changing the radio dial!!!!
          Here are some of the cool photos with the new lathe and the items that have been recently made. They are offered to those who visit my blog and are interested.  I like to give my customers some first picks. Send me an email or message if you are interested and we can make arrangements through etsy. Thanks for stopping by! 

 Oak Vase - $35

 Spalted and with Birds Eye,  Maple - $40

 Oak Vase - $35

 Live Oak $25

 Manzanita, fresh cut, cracked during drying, I still think it is beautiful!! $25

 Awesome manzanita vase- not sure on the price yet, make me an offer!! best offer sells =)

 Big Leak Maple- small vase- $25

 My father's manzanita vase, I am not certain if he'd like to sell it but if you give him a nice offer I am certain he will! 6" tall, 5" wide
He was given an offer and it is now in the home of a friend!

Yosemite Artwork styles include unique colors , shapes and sizes. If there are any request please let me know. I have received a request for another pair of manzanita salt n pepper shakers. Now that I have the new Lathe the will 'turn' out this coming week!

 Fall Colors in Yosemite are amazing right now!!!

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