Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yosemite Craft Bazaar

     Last Friday Yosemite Goat Woodworking attended the Yosemite Craft Bazaar in Curry Village. This was a great experience for me since I saw first hand what many folks were interested in and what really made their eyes open. Ok ok... I made a few dollars as well. And if you happened to purchase one of my items and are visiting my blog, thank you very, very much!!!

   Now that a few extra dollars are in the bank, the plan is to look for a new drill press that is more functional than the ancient wobbled mess currently being used. Each time we go to war with the current press we walk away with many wounds (not physically but definitely mentally). The hope is we can create more items, mainly flower vases that can hold water with glass tubes. Currently there is such a wobble in the drill press that long drilling is nerve wracking. Honestly, I avoid it unless my father wants to drill deeper than normal. I believe it is an accident waiting to happen.

   Last week at the craft fair, I had lots of interest in my unique cribbage boards. These here were not at the craft fair but one similar was. I happened to sell it while another was very interested on etsy. I made her these two and she has chosen the curving board. An excellent choice in my opinion. It will me mailed as soon as I finish this posting!
    As you can see there are over a hundred holes in each. This takes a long time to complete as you'd imagine. This process is made easier with a drill press. All you need to do is set your depth, and align your markings with the drill bit............ A clean exact depth hole each time!! With the abundant request for cribbage boards it is an easy decision this is the next purchase. With the profits from the Yosemite Craft Bazaar I should be able to pay for 75% of the new lathe I have been spying in the catalog. Yosemite Goat Woodworking is coming along!!

 Nothing says beauty like Birds Eye Maple!!!!!!!!!!!!
This great cribbage board has been sold, but I still have a few more pieces similar that can be made for your enjoyment!!


Jenn said...

Wow! These are beautiful, Scott! And the best thing, functional!

Suporna Roy said...

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Scott or Scotty said...

Thanks, It has been a fun adventure creating items of both art and function. I hope to continue to do so!