Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lovely handmade wooden bowls

      We have just added a number of new bowls to our items that will be sold at the Murphys Irish Days event. We have around 20 bowls ready for sales and we are hoping to double the number of bowls in the next few weeks before the event. The bowls have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We are even getting more of an artistic flavor which many of the lady friends seem to enjoy tremendously. One beauty of living in the mountains are the wide variety of woods accessible for turning. At this time we have turned oaks, buckeye, maples, alders, poplars and more. Not to mention the manzanita studies!

To see a variety of our bowls go to our bowls page.

    We also have a large number of candle holders. I believe there 18 in the last production. I am hoping to spend a few days making more. They take a fair amount of time but they are one of my best sellers. We have a number of other items but I will wait until the photos are finished and a new posting can be made. They are definitely super cool and worth checking back in later this week!

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