Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer and Spring of 2013

          This Spring and Summer will be a busy time for me. I have decided to forgo another summer field season in Yosemite National Park. Over the past three summers I have worked as a Hydrologist in the Park. During my time in Yosemite I have met many wonderful people, traveled many amazing trails and made many memories. This summer season though, I plan to spend more time at home with my wonderful lady and concentrate on Yosemite Goat's Woodworking.

       This past winter I have concentrated my efforts on my position at Dodge Ridge running the Children's Ski School Program. It was a wonderful position with a specific role. During the winter I met many wonderful people at the resort and look forward to another successful season in the winter to come.

        Now that the ski season has come to a close, I am ready to come full swing into summer. This summer I plan to attend a good many of craft fairs and local farmers markets. To attend so many shows I will need a great number of products. I am excited to say that I have purchased a last key component to the wood shop which will aid in my product production,  a dust collector. We (Yosemite Goat's Woodworking Team) purchased a 2hp cyclone dust collector. This dust collector's main purpose is to suck the dust from the many tools we use. Mainly to keep the shop cleaner and prevent any types of respiratory issues.

   I have truly enjoyed making many of the unique items found at Yosemite Goat's Woodworking, as well as expanding into new ideas in which folks bring to me.  Currently we are building our stocks of product and preparing for a wonderful and successful summer. This summer my goal is to focus on the items we currently sell and maintain those as our main source of products.
    The first event we attended of the spring was the Sonora Celtic Faire. This was a fun event that brought many smiles to us. Many folks truly enjoy our items and love to hear the stories of where the woods come from and how I, or my father, make the many items. Yosemite Goat's Woodworking will be at many local events, a few local galleries, and if requested, perhaps a short to your community event would be a fun trip! My next post will be a basic post outlining my summer season. Keep in touch!

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