Sunday, August 4, 2013

An Excursion brings a Bargain!

         My influences that come from the mountains are endless. Excursions in the woods and seeing mother natures creations are infinite. Mother nature is filled with influential sights, even insights and ideas!! My recent excursion has given me the idea of a Bargain Day. My lady and I hiked into Powell Lake just inside the Emigrant Wilderness border this past weekend. We did a simple overnight for her annual birthday backpacking trip and enjoyed some mountain sun. We relaxed along the waters edge and had some wonderfully inspiring views. Often these trips are filled with our many friends and family, but it was nice to spend a short trip with just my preggo sweetheart, myself, kakao the dog and the wonderful world in which we live. The time spent around the water edge gave way to a great business idea. How wonderful would it be to have a special bargain for my woodwork. A bargain day for item that have not sold over the last year, and let folks pick something up at a discounted price!!
     I was contemplating this idea yesterday at the Farmer's Market in Sonora. There were many, many wonderful folks around town yesterday, all of whom I enjoy spending time with. As a result I have decided the weekend after Strawberry Music Festival would be perfect. Many of my customers attend the Farmer's Market almost every weekend and they would truly appreciate that opportunity. So....I will have a Bargain Day discount on  September 7th, the weekend following Labor Day. The bargain will likely be just one table, with a discount of 25% or 50% off the tagged price ( I do have some red stickers, how funny would that be!).  The table will may include: items that are odd; time invested does not match our expected price; great ideas that we did not fully sell or advertise correctly; items that need new homes, other than inside of my boxes; and just to be nice and give someone a great deal!!!
         The actual goal of this sale will not necessarily be to make money (although it is a perk), but to show us which items are actually good ideas and have potential. If a product does not sell at a discounted price, then the product is poorly designed, not actually as great as we thought or completely priced wrong. For example- the photo above shows 9 bottle stoppers with a corkscrew within each one. I have sold a few, but are all the designs good enough. The ones that sell are obviously the most liked and have a nice form. Next, the ones that only sell at a discount are obviously nice but, but do not have great form. Now if none of them were to sell, then the product itself is a poor idea and I should concentrate my efforts elsewhere. I have already sold four, so I know they are enjoyed!


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