Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Watching Little Birds

     It has been a while since I have posted. Needless to say my life has been forever changed! On November 4th of 2013 Christine gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Her name is Kestrel Raey Cereghino. Kestrel is name after a small falcon that lives in North America and has another relative in Europe. It is the smallest bird of prey in North American and they are beautiful, just like my daughter. Ever since she came into my life, things are definitely not the same. Yes I sleep less, yes I do more laundry, yes I sleep in a 1/4 of the bed, yes I have acquired many new items in the house, but it is all worth the little smiles I get.

    Since I now have a beautiful young one in the house I have begun to fathom the idea of making toys. I have always been interested in a few small toys, esp if there are some intricacies. Now I have a renewed sense of motivation and will be making a few to keep me busy. Hopefully keeping the little one busy as well.
    I have been making a few rattles, a changing table, a shelf, and put on paper a few toy ideas. I actually made a series of proto types for my great toy idea that I have been carrying around the last few years. The goals is to figure out all the small items and bring them to market in the following weeks or months. My goals is to sell them both here on the web page, at the local stores, the Farmer's Market and in Yosemite National Park. If all goes according to plan, I may have a full scale game the following year. We shall see. . .  The best part: the game is great for ages three to adults, and even two year old's can play with the pieces!. I will be posting my new toy idea as soon as I have the final steps figured out. I will say though, they are fun, cool, and natural!!

     Lastly, I am sure many of you know, the Sierra Nevada has received barely any precipitation for this winter. The annual snow pack is horribly low and the ski resort are all suffering. Our local ski resort where I manage the Children's Ski School Program has yet to open. Needless to say I have been relying on my woodworking to get through these lean times. Hopefully in the coming weeks the snow will fly and our entire staff can return to our normal lives!

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