Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Create Beautiful Wooden Bowls

Bowl Making

The number of steps it takes to make a bowl gives woodturners great patience…... 

Here is a classic example of how each bowl is created:  

1.    Collect the wood (truck, chainsaw, gas and the eye for a nice trees).
2.     Begin turning on the wood lathe (includes : lathe; chisels; electricity; rounding of bowls with chainsaw; saws need sharpening too {30min}; and cleaning up the mess you make).
3.     Cure the initial turn (3-6months of curing so the bowl is stable).
4.     Return bowl to the lathe (back to chisels, electricity, sharpening set, lathe chuck).
5.     Finishing cut to make as smooth as possible (practice on many, many, many, many pieces, more sharpening and sharpening stones).
6.     Sanding to a smooth finish (sandpaper with different grits: 50;60;100;150;220;320;400;600).
7.     Apply coating(s)/oils (food worthy tung oil and or mineral oil).
8.    Finally we take the bowl off the lathe.....................................engrave name, photograph for records and perhaps internet sales (laptops and camera needed).
9.     Now the beautiful bowl is ready for market and ready for your home!!!

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