Monday, May 9, 2011

creating my latest design

Over the Easter weekend I made, or at least finished a few really cool things! First off I will mention the collage.I started a monthly challenge on Esty's Woodworkers as a fun way to force new ideas, designs and show off the talents of the many wonderful artist.

April's Challenge brought forth by TheHickoryTree was to build a collage. Extra scraps, a little sanding, some glue. Yeah I thought I could do this.

I started out with the idea of flowers and perhaps asters (daisy's) in mind. I started out with some extra scraps that I cut into somewhere equal in thickness. Next I had to reevaluate how the wood was shaping up. I had some great manzanita, birds-eye-maple, and cherry stock. Well each time I tried to make my original plan, but it wasn't quite working. I decided to have a bite to eat and reference John Muir Laws The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada . I love Orchids but the intricacy of designing my favorite (Mountain Lady Slipper) just wasn't going to happen. Pansies and monkey flowers on the other hand are much easier. Plus who can go wrong with tulips or even better yet, California Poppies!

So in the end that is what I went with. A beautiful mixed collage of flowers.

The boarder is made from an exotic (can't remember which).
Flower stalks are made of cherry and manzanita.     
Leaves are made from Manzanita.
Flowers are made from splated big leaf maple.
The round piece is manzanita.
The base is spalted big lag maple.
Finished with Tung Oil

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