Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Newest News: Mountain Sage

So I have been making a number of items over the last few months and started realizing I will not be readily available during the summer months. So I decided to change my tactics a little. I am going to place a number of items in a small nursery located in Groveland, CA, my hometown. Groveland is located on Highway 120 on the way to Yosemite National Park. It is small, very small, with a few of restaurants, two banks, one bar, some small boutiques a school. Nothing much happens here in the off season except when the tourists start coming to town. All in all Groveland is a great little town that deserves a days visit.

The Nursery/Coffee shop Mountain Sage has been there for years, although a different name when I worked there almost 15years ago. Today it is an excellent little coffee shop and nursery with wonderful landscaping and places to relax in the gardens while sipping tea and coffee (they make the best latte's around!!). The nursery also host a number of artist in the form of music, artwork and naturalists. It is a great venue and a must on the way to or from Yosemite!

The owners of the Coffee shop, Colton and Hillary, are great people that welcome local and handmade items. Colton was very interested in my items from the get go. As a result I have decided to place my items with them over the summer months and see how they sell. I believe this will be a good business deal for us both.

At this time my plan is to place all my small items and a couple of larger items, a number of business cards and small description of who I am and what I do. Similar to my general profile here.  From there I will add new items when I get a chance to make more over the summer months. Since I am working away from home, and without a shop, it'll be interesting none the least. For those of you who know me,I can't sit still for very long and will welcome a task here and there. Although fishing the Merced River might take a bit of my time :)

I am looking forward to doing business with Mountain Sage and see how popular my items are with the volume of customers that come through the Highway 120 corridor. Colton has asked that I have a demo day or two that show's my process for making my various item. I am not sure of the dates yet but I will let you know when I do. My plan is to make simple items for folks to finish themselves and take home. If you happen to visit my site via Mountain Sage or stop by due to my blog, I'd love to hear from you and your experiences!

Cheers, Scotty

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The Morris Family said...

I just read this and thought I should comment because I bought your manzanita candle holder from Mountain Sage last week. I mentioned it on our family blog. We hope to get some more pieces as gifts later on in the year!