Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Daffodils

             Spring Flowers are just around the corner. Daffodils are the greatest teaser here in the Sierra Foothills. Daffodils have been popping up over the last few weeks letting us know spring is on the way. My lady loves having them around the house and she would pick every one in the neighborhood if she could. Driving home yesterday we saw poppies, lupine, manzanita and monkey flowers all in color. The last few months I have been making a number of vases with removable glass tubes. The tubes are perfect for flowers, esp those such as Daffodils!!!

       Each Vase is handmade by me or my father, although most are mine. Many of them have been turned on the lathe in replication of classical vases. The wood varies from hardwoods to softwoods, rare to common and all are wonderful. The glass tubes are removable and fairly easy to wash. They are all dishwasher safe and very durable. I think I have only broken one in the many vases I have made, and that one I was trying to force into a hole that was to small, oops!
      All the vases are for sale. The main goal at this time are creating items for sale at the Irish Days event in Murphys, CA. I will only post one on Etsy and the rest will be viewable here. If you are interested in one of my vases, feel free to contact me. We will come to a price (most are in the $40-$55 range). Afterwards I will make a special posting for your purchase through Etsy. I hope you enjoy!
 These are made from Pine and Cedar and Manzanita. The flat surface vase on the right is for a vase that can be hung on the wall!

 The vases are made from Manzanita, Alder, Cedar, Pine and Maple. The Four here are made from Maple while the curvy one above is made from Manzanita.

The Maple Burl Vase above is amazing, while the natural Redwood vase below in very unique. And as always, manzanita is a favorite.

 If you would like to use my images, send me a line and I can post a large format photo!

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