Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The oak has lost it's leaves

Well..................... This morning the large oak leaning against our back porch was raining it leaves with each small breeze. By this evening the leaves were gone and so is the tree. The  tree crew came with a crane in tow and removed the big shade oak along the back porch. It is a bummer the tree is gone. The tree was leaning quite readily over the house and appeared to have moved over the summer months. The bulk of the tree and the center of mass was centered in our kitchen with a large branch that would have gone through our roomates bed (in the unfortunate event the tree came down). Secondarily the entire deck would have been destroyed.  Yes it is a bummer the tree is gone, but if the tree was to fall (in a likely snow storm) the consequences would have been dire.

          Fortunately this home is a rental and we did not have to pay the fees for the removal. But our landlord, bless his wonderful heart, evaluated the tree quickly, had numerous teams look at the tree and made the decision to remove it completely. Thank You for your time and forethought!

          Now, I am a woodworker. I like to make bargains. Now I have wood!! Large rounds of oak for bowls and more! Large oak bowls will be ready for market! Well........once the wood has had time to cure 6-9 months for curing!!

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