Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free items from Yosemite Goat Woodworking

       As a way to say thank you to everyone that has stopped by my online portfolio I am going to give everyone a chance to have a piece of my Functional Organic Art. All you need to do is post a comment Anywhere in my blog! Comment arrive to me in order and I will know which is which!

     I have never done anything like this before so I am going to keep my ideas very open. Basically I am not sure how long it will take for you (the population of visitors) to make comments on the blog. My guess is that it should take a few weeks to go through all the comments, maybe more. I will advertise it on Facebook just to increase the time frame if necessary. 

     In the event you have not scrolled all the way through the page yet, maybe scroll down quickly now! I am going to give away items similar to those in the photos!!! The items are a candle holder, a bowls and cribbage board. My idea is to promote the blog a little and have others pass along my blog page.  Heck, post any photo on Pintrest and show off something you like!

       To being with I will chose a very wonderful candle holder that  has three candles. Perfect for any and all homes and occasions. Next I chose chose a bowl of medium size and height. Functional in many different aspects, good for keys, popcorn, chips, pure decoration and why not a few pieces of fruit. Lastly, I have a few cribbage boards in stock The ones below happen to be the last of my Maple collection. The final comment will be a wonderful cribbage board guaranteed. 

         Here in the blogosphere, each comment made is categorized upon the time it is delivered. The comments posted  from all section of my website/blog arrive in my inbox and categorized in the order they arrive. So you can make comments throughout the website/blog.  All the comments arrive with a corresponding email so I can contact those who have won and get your shipping info. I will also make a post when someone has won. That way everyone knows where the comments stand. Lastly, only qualifying comments will count, see below, and my comments will not be added to the total numbers.   =)

     Rule 1: Each Comment must be a full sentence, that means noun, verb, etc. and should be 7 words or more!
     Rule 2: No duplicate messages from the same person. I know how easy it is to copy and paste. Although multiple comments in different areas are encouraged!  I really want to know what you think of my work!!
      Rule 3: Solicitations will be deleted and not counted, unless............They write a full sentence about something in this blog alone.

      Rule 4: This is supposed to be a fun exercise, please be courteous to all.

      Rule 5: Have fun!!

       I hope this will be a wonderful experience. If this works out I will be inclined to make more opportunities for visitors to gain a wonderful piece of art. The current comment number is 14, good luck and enjoy the website!



Mostly Sweet Jewelry said...

I don't understand the contest system, but I'm into the idea and I love you work so I'm attempting to enter. Goodness my peper grinder is pretty! See you in El Portal soon and we'll talk about our business plans and stuff.

Scott or Scotty said...

The goal is when the blog reaches 25 comments, the 25th person wins an item, the 50th comment and the 75th comment.
Everyone can comment and they can comment numerous times. I am trying something new!

Mostly Sweet Jewelry said...

Well I know an easy way to do that, but I won't cheat.

Anonymous said...

Hey brother you do amazing work!!! I love the cutting board you made me thank you so much! I'm so happy you have found interest in woodworking, to use your imagination and have an outlet... You make fantastic stuff keep up your artistic talent.... :)

Scott or Scotty said...

I decided to change the number of comments and do the 20th, 25th and 35th!