Friday, May 18, 2012

Craft Items at Sonora Farmers Market

Good Day-
  I will be at the Sonora Farmers Market on May 19th, tomorrow. I have an increased inventory and will be selling my newest item. You will have to come down to see what it is! The manzanita in the photo at right are the base of the items.......

    I have also been busy finishing up many of the bowls I roughed in over the winter months. Many of the wood bowls need to sit and cure for 6 months or more. In theory I should be taking moisture meter measurements to insure they have dried completely. But, after splitting who knows how many cords of woods, when you pick up a piece of wood, you know if the density is right or not. Needless to say sometimes the wood goes back into the pile. There are probably 40 more bowls waiting to be cured. Patience is a turners greatest ability!

        Here are many of the bowls we have ready for this weekend. They have all been oiled and ready for the names written on the base. After that they will be heading to Sonora and hopefully someone's home. I have four fruit bowls to add to the stock and a number of candy dishes and a couple of small cute little bowls, coin trays. I have also made a number of my classic little pine cone vases. I think there are 6 of them. At 5 dollars each I would be very happy to sell all of them. Heck, for $20 the person would get them all!

The mirror to the left is a great story. While I was in Alaska, a friend of mine took this photo of a Caribou. I asked her if I could use the image for a cutout. The cut out was amazing. A great amount of time went into it and it showed. This caribou mirror was a favorite. I etched in Denali behind the Caribou, and used and rough cut frame to finish off the details.
    Christine and I had just moved into a new place and we hung it on the wall. Unfortunately it fell from the hanger and broke. I had carried the broken piece the last year or so and decided the artwork needed to be re-mended. I cut down the original and re-broke the original mirror to fit into the new space. I am happy with the result since the mirror has returned to it's original purpose again. If you are interested in this, please let me know. It is a great piece that has undergone change, like so many great piece of art.

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