Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The opening of farmers markets

I attended the first Farmers Market in Sonora with high hopes of making a number of sales. I created a whole series specifically for the farmers market. The results were not quite what I expected. I did however chat with a number of folks who were very interested in our work and would like to gain some more knowledge in the wood working realm. But the most important thing, I scored 5 pounds of honey with more to come!!

Ziploc Bag Dryers ............ My grand idea and proposed big seller at the farmers market. The bag dryers were made from an artistic piece of wood with short lengths of bamboo sticking out. The hanging bag can then be placed wherever necessary for drying the ziplocs for reuse. I made 12 of them and drop the price to ensure selling a large number of them. I sold one! And it was to a friend!

Over the course of this summer I will figure out what folks will be interested in. My biggest goal at these events is funding an understanding as to what people are interested in. I try to accommodate as much as I can but you can only display what you have, maybe I should get a bigger booth!

Lastly, I am going to Murphy's on Wednesday to chat with a friend who has part ownership at The Treasure Chest. We are hoping to add some small variety to the Treasure Chest and provide another outlet for my wonderful wooden treasures!

My next Farmers Market in Sonora will be June 2nd.

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