Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Winding Oak Cribbage Board finds a home

        One of my favorite boards I have made has gone to a great home.This super cool cribbage board was made from Engelmann Oak (Quercus engelmannii). A semi local tree that grows in few areas of the Sierra Foothills near Yosemite National Park. Engelmann Oak (Quercus engelmannii) is a hard tree to recognize, but the bark is very unique with striated patterns. Wikipedia, link above, says they grown in mostly Southern California. There are three trees at the property this branch came from and are likely transplants, or even possibly brought by the Native American many, many years ago. There are many grinding holes in the vicinity and a small creek/spring. Over the years I have found that species are found adjacent to old Native American Camps, yet many, many miles (20=) from their habitat. The story of these Engelann Trees and the origin of this great cribbage board is still a mystery.

        The actually branch fell during a heavy snow storm (spring 2010) that knocked out power for two weeks in the area and trees and branches fell everywhere. the storm has been dubbed by some as oak-maggeden! As a result, numerous folks were sawing away and burning piles to remove the mess. This branch was slated for the burn pile, I happened to be in the right place at the right time!!

I always love to hear from the happy
folks who have purchased one of my items:

"These are WONDERFUL!!! I love them both, but the one from the long branch is just totally awesome. It will definitely be out on a coffee table when I move (I am retiring at the end of the summer and am already packing up for the move). It will be the best conversation piece ever. Yes, the pegs on the log board are exceedingly fragile, especially for the grandchildren who are my main cribbage competition these days, but I might just keep that as a showpiece. It is so cool. Thank you for your wonderful work. At some point I may want you to make something specific for me (like a cribbage table made from a log at a height that I can use with a chair), but right now I am on a very tight budget waiting to see how things go in retirement. I will keep your business card so that I can contact you in the future. Thanks so much not only for the boards, but for the great packing job, too, -- Margaret Austin"

Thanks Margaret!!!
Scott Cereghino
folding lodge pole pine cribbage board
beginning of the winding oak board

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